My Current Routine for My Two Year Old

I have always appreciated having a routine that I can use as a guide, ever since my daughter was a few weeks old.  This has helped set my daughter up for success in knowing what to expect, and has also greatly reduced any power-struggles that can sometimes come with going down for naps or bedtime.
Here is my current general routine that I am following with my two-year old, keeping in mind that we all have ‘off-days’ and that is okay!  It is steady consistency and getting back on track when you are able that is the real key. 😉
6:00am–Ava wakes up and I bring her into my room for a diaper change, some snuggles and milk.
6:10– I let her watch one cartoon (such as Puffin Rock, Berenstain Bears, or Beginners Bible) while I get ready for the day, listen to a short audio devo, or inspirational podcast and then start breakfast.
6:45–clean up and put away dishes (she helps with the dishwasher), tidy a few things in the house if needed
7:00–I have printed routine cards that my daughter likes to point to when it is time to get ready (brush teeth, make bed, etc.) and we start by getting dressed.
7:30–independent playtime in the living room, while I study in the same room.  She will sometimes color, or play with legos as well.
9:30–snacks, and playtime with mommy
10:00–go outside, story-hour at the library, run errands, or playdate…
2:30–up from nap, read several books together
3:00– independent playtime, while I clean up around the house or maybe do a little more studying
3:30–either continue playtime, or go outside to the playground
4:00–screen time
5:00–start dinner, sometimes she can help, or will color while I cook
6:00–clean-up, and then books or play with daddy
6:45–start getting ready for bed
7/7:15 bedtime

How I Organize My Diaper Bag

My number one tip for streamlining the process for switching out diaper bags, or even handbags, and keeping my bags orderly is to keep everything in pouches/zippered bags.  It also saves me a lot of headache when I need something immediately (Umm fussy toddler at the grocery store anyone?  “Where on earth are the snacks honey??  I need them stat!”).  When I need to run an errand, and enjoy some mommy-alone-time, all I have to do is remove a couple pouches to lighten up my bag and I am good to go!


I always keep a travel-sized rash cream with me–shouldn’t have to explain that one. 😉 At least 2-3 diapers and plenty of wipes are always kept in my diaper pouch

Snack pouch!  I try to steer towards less-sugary snacks (heaven knows children don’t need that extra energy from the sugar), such as dried fruits and veggies.  The fruit snacks are for myself. 😉

My little toy pouch is perfect for using at a restaurant when trying to kill a little time as you wait on your food, or to use as a distraction at a doctors appointment.  I only keep small toys in here–sometimes I toss my daughters lovey in my bag when it’s getting close to her nap and she needs to wind down in the car.

Coupons!  I think I found this cute polka-dotted accordion container at Walmart a few years ago–it’s perfect for keeping my coupons alphabetically arranged.

I really love my Ju Ju Be Be Rich in the Queen of the Nile print.  I bought it because I wanted a wallet that opened up completely so I can easily view all the contents inside and not have to go digging through my wallet to find hidden loyalty cards and such.  You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you… Should I also mention that this wallet can be safely tossed directly into the washing machine for a good cleaning??  I mean, does it get any better than that?  All Ju Ju Be products are washable, in fact.  And no, this post is not sponsored, I just love Ju Ju Be! 😉

Ta-da!  Easy access.

This clear pouch keeps some of my makeup products, as well as miscellaneous items such as eye drops, teething gel for the baby, and some feminine products.  Tip: also keep a few feminine items in your diaper pouch for convenience.

My Ju Ju Be Be Light Tote has two deep from pockets that I keep a few more random items in (my rosebud salve and earplugs for exams and plane rides could probably be kept in my misc. pouch…).  I always have a pair of sunglasses with me, a small medical pouch, gum, a mini Fiber One snack bar and a travel-size brush.

And that’s it, the full contents of my diaper bag–minus the pacifier pod hanging from the straps. 😉  It seems like a ton of stuff (and I have not even mentioned the milk and water sippy cups you bring for each trip haha) but it really is so nicely organized that my bag still has space to spare!  What are your top tips for keeping your diaper bags and/or purses organized?