We’ve Moved to Germany

Visiting the Ermitage grounds in Bayreuth.

On August 27th, 2020 we moved our whole to Bavaria, Germany. We spent our first two weeks in quarantine, per the current Germany regulations, and were very thankful for the support of neighbors and friends who frequently offered to deliver us groceries and pick up anything we might need. I had sent several boxes ahead of us, that our sponsor was able to pick up for us and have waiting in the house, filled with snacks, dishware, toys etc. I’d also sent a couple orders from Amazon as well that had bed sheets and outdoor chairs for the kids, as well as some crafting supplies.

Our home last fall, before we got our lawn mower 😉

After quarantine ended, we enjoyed spending our evenings and weekends, taking walks around our neighborhood, and into the town square to check out the farmers market. We were also able to squeeze in a wonderful trip to Playmobil Land, that the kids absolutely loved, before Germany began a long series of lockdowns from the fall, through the entire winter and into spring.

Flossenburg Castle ruins

We traveled less over the winter, due partly to travel distance restrictions, and partly because of our youngest (6 months at the time) having such a hard time in the car. Bavaria experienced record-breaking snow (more than had been seen in at least ten years), which we were very thankful for. It brightened our days and provided so much enjoyment and playtime for our kids.

Water well in Obermurach, decorated with eggs for Easter.

As the weather warmed up a bit, we ventured out more, and found new and fascinating places to visit every weekend. While many places were still closed, the great outdoors was wide open, and we had a blast exploring castle ruins, lakes, and different walking paths.

Hoping to update more on our latest adventures, now that I’ve brought everyone up to speed on our newest location!

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