Friday Favorites





It’s been a great week, with Ava finally sleeping through the night again. ❤ This last sleep regression hit me so hard that I was starting to wonder if it would ever pass–it did, thank the Lord!
I’ve been LOVING the Starbucks Doubleshot on ice (light ice with coconut milk)!  Where has this drink been??  It has 3 (THREE!) shots of espresso and now I feel like I’m finally in the big leagues.  I drank this just before my last exam and I was awake and focused for the entire test…plus I passed–woohoo!
For the evenings when it takes Ava a little more time to wind down, I occasionally use a little lavender essential oil or the Plant Therapy Nighty Night oil.  I’ve been rediscovering essential oils lately.  I always keep a little travel case of them in my purse.  The peppermint always takes away a headache, and I have used Eucalyptus oil on the soles of my feet before when I had a coughing fit in church (awkward, but the coughing stopped after I applied the oil).
Spending time with Ava lately has been really special to me.  She hasn’t been as fussy from teething and I’ve been making the effort to go out more and just spend more time discovering new things together.  I recently took her to the beach and she was in heaven! Haha She absolutely loved it, plus it tired her out for her next nap. 😉  I also took her to the park recently and she had a ball just running around and climbing the slides.
I hope everyone else has had a wonderful week and you are ready for a great weekend!!
Aloha! 🌸

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