It’s PCS Season! | We’re Moving to…


We are moving in just under 3 short months and it’s honestly all I can think about.  It’s a combination of the usual PCS excitement (I’ve actually wanted to move to Korea so I’m looking forward to it), and the dread of flying SO many hours with a toddler. Help! Thankfully my 16 month old is a pretty good flyer but that doesn’t mean any child wants to sit in one place for 15+ hours!  How can you blame them?  Confession: I have already been brainstorming toy and snack ideas for the trip…yes, I always plan way in advance. 😉
It will be one busy summer this year!  But we will really miss Hawaii. 😦 I remember hearing a lot of negative things from other Milspouse bloggers about Hawaii before we moved and that made me nervous, but my family and I couldn’t have been more happy here.  Yes, it is an island but there is much more to do here than you might think.  We feel incredibly blessed to have experienced “HI Life” and to have met so many kind people that have truly embodied the spirit of “Aloha”.  So, while it will be hard to leave, that it just one part of our lives and our lives are full of change.  I’ve learned to embrace change and I’ve discovered that some of the most beautiful things can come out of it.

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