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(A view of Daegu)
I’m sitting here in my mostly empty home (save for a couch, bed, kitchen table…the basics from the military base’s loaner furniture dept.) trying to think of what to write about.  I did just move to a foreign country, and although I have been here for about a month I still wouldn’t say I have seen much of Korea yet, since most of our time here has been spent getting the essential things taken care of like attending Spouse Orientation for myself, finding the home we are now renting, completing my Korean driver’s testing and obtaining my license…etc.  I still do not feel fully settled of course, because we do not have our household goods yet.  They arrived in Busan a couple days ago but it can take a week to two weeks to clear inspection and be finally delivered.  I cannot wait.  Well, I have to wait, but you know…  Does it sound awful that I really miss our TV?  I miss the Disney Channel in particular, ha I’m not kidding!  I loved watching a couple Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes every morning after breakfast with Ava and just slowing waking up together.  It takes a lot of creativity to come up with a good schedule and ways to entertain a toddler when your home is empty!  I make sure to take her outside at least once (usually multiple) times a day to help her get some energy out, and give us both some fresh air.  I’ve met a couple of the military spouses and their children while out on some of our walks and have enjoyed chatting with them and getting more info. on things to do in the area.  Once I get more used to it, the transportation here is going to be a lot of fun to use–and very convenient!  There is a bus stop just outside our apartment complex and within a short walk, a subway as well.  I’m looking forward to hiking the mountains in the fall, experiencing Christmas here in the winter, trying more of the local foods…  The locals here in Daegu have all been very kind, and there is a particular security guard that just loves to wave at my 21 month old girl and offer us both Korean treats whenever we visit.  She makes his day.  Children have no idea how deeply they might touch the heart of someone, with a simple smile, wave, or hug.  It’s very special.  I love being her Mommy and being rewarded by those little gestures too–it always makes everything worth it.  She has really done the best she can to adjust to all the big changes we have had to put her through for this move, and she will simply have to adjust again when we move in another year or two.  That’s just the life of a military family!  It’s exhausting, stressful, chaotic, and yet exciting, adventurous and incredibly rewarding.

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