My Christmas Gift|An Announcement


“I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now” | My husband is promotable to Major, AND we are expecting our second child.  This month has been so FULL of blessings (including the gift of experiencing life daily with our 2 year old!) that I have hardly known how to pray without starting out with, “Thank you Jesus…again!”  I remember going through a time of real darkness years ago.  Not around me, just inside me.  That darkness caused sadness (depression) and it blinded me to every blessing I had.  Only when I began to look around and truly see how many things I had to be happy about (even just the basic things like health and a home!) did my thought process completely transform and I no longer saw my life through my sadness because God had replaced it with JOY.  The joy that transforms your heart and your soul.  I deserve nothing that the Lord has given me but I am thankful BEYOND measure for all He has CHOSEN for me.  And so this Christmas I am thankful for family. For babies. For life. And for life eternal from the one who sent His son so that we may know love and life everlasting.
Merry Christmas everyone!  And God bless. ❤
P.S. “Baby D” is due in August!!


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