My Simple Makeup Routine


Hello ladies!  I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.  I just finished a yummy cup of coffee and a dark chocolate square so I’m ready to face the rest of the week head on!  Okay, maybe after two full days of more sleep…I wish.  And that’s where my makeup routine comes in, ha-ha, to give me that extra lift and hide those dark circles when the reality of not being able to have your pre-baby sleep life back fully hits you! 😉  What did we do before concealer??  And coffee… Seriously…

I like to keep my routine simple, but I have no problem adding a couple products to my routine time if it means my makeup will last longer during the day.  A couple extra minutes is worth it to not have to reapply a couple times a day, amiright?
To start…
I begin with a clean, moisturized face (of course) and apply a primer–right now I am using E.L.F Tone Adjusting Primer to hide and even out the redness in my face and to keep my makeup on longer.
I use different foundations but for now I am using Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation because my skin has been oily lately and this has helped balance out the oils in my skin.  NYX Dark Circle Concealer goes on next, to cover tell-tale signs below my eyes and then I cover that over with a tiny bit of NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer.  Airspun Loose Face Powder sets everything in place and then I go ahead and add my Too Face the Bronzed and the Beautiful bronzer in Chocolate and Anastasia Duobrow Powder (although in the photo I am not wearing any and sometimes skip this step if I am just not feelin’ it).  Dab a little Stila Cream Blush to the cheeks (cream blush gives a better glow and lasts longer than powder blush in the summer, in my opinion), and a few spritzes of Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray and voila!  All finished!
The main goal with this look is to keep it natural, but glowy and awake.  I like that this makeup look gives me decent coverage but doesn’t look too made up or like I spent a ton of time on it.  Natural, but put together.  Perfect. 😉
What are your favorite products for a natural, easy makeup look?

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